It is the end of the week and I have decided to write again. Today`s subject will be about us. I was browsing through different websites and I`ve noticed people`s reactions to different things. I was interested in reactions to other people maybe because of my degree. What I`ve discovered is that in the on-line environment everyone gets to have an opinion, even those that in day-to-day life don`t. So my next question was why? Why people are hiding behind the wall of anonymity, and why we start acting like we know everything. I mean we criticize art, music, fashion, food, people, cars, houses, flowers but in the end what do we know?

I feel powerless in front of this, I want everyone to be able to understand that maybe is not our place to tell that girl what to wear, or to tell that guy that his painting is bad, because neither them or us achieved perfection in our existence so why start pointing fingers to others. Everyone is feeling superior and I don`t understand from where is this superiority? I mean I get it you have to be confident in yourself but this is not about confidence is about “I am better than you”.

# Anyway on another happy note, I wanted to let you know about my previous posts, I finished my hair treatment and I had great results, and when I say great I mean even I didn`t expect to see such a dramatic change. Today I have bought some other products:

1. Umberto Giannini- Intense beauty conditioner Image

2.John Frieda-Luxurious volume blow dry lotionImage